Here's one of our fine associate growers, David, spraying pH-6 water on some microgreens. He says, "This is my favorite part of the day!" 


Our greens are as fresh as produce can get! Customers purchase them in their living, uncut state, and harvest them when ready! 


Here's Rodney, another one of our fine associate growers, preparing the spray pump. It's not an easy job! Takes some strength.


Here's Christian's father, at the age of 95, checking out a microgreen. They both look happy to see each other!


This is one of our favorite ways to eat pea microgreens. Try this recipe from "Steamy Kitchen," here. Add leeks for extra flavor!


Broccoli microgreens have light green tops and white stems. They contain vitamins A and C, calcium, iron, phosphorus and glucosinolates!

The Miraculous Transformation of Peas!


On Day 1: After soaking the peas for 12 hours in water, within another 24 hours, tiny roots start to venture out looking for water.


On Day 3: The roots are heading downward, seeking precious, life-sustaining water that awaits them beneath the grow pad.


On Day 5: Shoots rise upward in search of light. But we keep them in the dark a bit longer to strengthen their roots.


 On Day 8: The peas are placed under lights after a week in the dark on the germination tower. 


On Day 11: The color is turning greener, leaves are taking shape, and tendrils are appearing.


 On Day 14: Ready to bring vitamins A and C, folic acid, calcium, iron and fiber to your salad! 

The finished product comes on large (8.5" x 4.5") corn starch grow-pads in food-safe clamshells.


 The paper towel we provide, when kept moist (set the clamshell in 1/4" water for 4 seconds every 2-3 days), will keep your microgreens alive for 5+ days. 

We must be crazy!


 Each day, we individually inspect every tray of microgreens, at all stages of development, checking the health of every batch, and watering by hand! 

Try Different Colors, Textures and Flavors!


Treat yourself to a variety of colors, textures and flavors, from broccoli to leeks, and radish to peas! Order here.

What difference does mineral water make?


This batch of microgreens, just a few days old, was given pH-6 filtered water without natural liquid mineral drops from the Great Salt Lake. 


This batch (the same kind of microgreen, planted at the same time) was given pH6 filtered water with natural liquid mineral drops