Hydroponic Farming is Fascinating and Fun!


We Start with Filtered, pH6 Water

We use a Kanga Water filter to purify our water and give it a pH (acidity) factor between 5.5 and 6.5. Just right for growing microgreens!

We add 1 teaspoon of Ionique Mineral Drops per gallon of water. These 100% natural liquid mineral drops are produced through a solar-evaporation process from waters of the Great Salt Lake, Utah. The liquid drops contain no additives, are GMO-free, and are made for human consumption. 

All the nutrients each plant needs are already in the seed, but the minerals provide a little extra boost. The plants love to drink it!  


Our Growing Trays Are Food-Safe

We do not use the black plastic trays typically found in microgreen farms. Instead (as done by Larry Hountz at City-Hydro), we use food-safe (BPA-free) pizza dough proofing boxes. The utensils we use are washed bi-monthly in a solution of distilled vinegar and water (50/50), and then soaked (minimum 2 minutes) in a food-grade solution of germicidal bleach to sanitize them.

Our growing trays are placed on food-safe towers in a 26' x 14' humidity-controlled room (a former kitchen) in the lower level of our home. We had no prior farming experience, which proves that even at the age of nearly 70, it is possible to teach new tricks to old d....


We Use BioStrate® Grow-Pads, and non-GMO Seeds

BioStrate® is an internationally certified biobased growing medium made from corn starch. It was developed by Quick Plug with the support of USDA funding. This product is internationally certified for biobased content.   

We use non-GMO (not genetically modified) seeds from True Leaf Market, a certified seed provider. We sprinkle the seeds on the grow-pads with a cheese shaker, and then we test the seeds for pathogens, spraying them with hydrogen peroxide (3% solution). We then give the seeds a 30-second shower of filtered water, cover the tray with a moisture-retaining lid to trick the seeds into thinking they're underground, and place them on a grow tower. 


We Add Water and the Creator Does the Rest

During the first 5-6 days (the germination stage), we give our babies a daily shower to wake them up each morning. The water collects in the bottom of the tray. Amazingly, the seeds send roots downward in search of this life-sustaining liquid, and tiny stems reach upward in search of precious light! This is a remarkable design we had nothing to do with, but upon which we are totally dependent, as is everyone else. 

There is no greater fulfillment than co-working with the Creator for the benefit of humanity. The great "plant doctor," George Washington Carver, understood this. Click here to view a short video about him.


Let There Be LED Lights!

At the end of the germination phase, the grow trays are transferred to a tower equipped with LED lights designed by City-Hydro for growing microgreens, not for lighting up a garage. These lights consume less electricity, and the city doesn't think we're growing weed!  

The lights are turned off for 8 hours each night, so the plants will strengthen their roots while we are sleeping. Every morning, we individually inspect and water each tray of microgreens. After the first two leaves are formed, as in the photo below, the microgreens are ready for market. Getting to this point takes 8-16 days, depending on the particular variety of microgreen.  


Serving the East Side of Lake Washington

All microgreens are packaged in food-safe clamshells. 

$9.50 each per 8.5" x 4.5" clamshell

Discount Price: $6.50 each for 4 or more clamshells

Clamshells make it easy to stack multiple microgreens in your refrigerator or cooling room.  

We Do Not Use Chemicals, Sprays or Pesticides!

There are good reasons to purchase from Viva-the-Greens!