Microgreen Smoothies!

This video from Mountain Man Micro Farms shows the perfect way to eat radish microgreens!

Tomato Acocado Toast with Microgreens


This recipe is by Sally Cameron, from the website, "A Foodcentric Life." Click here for the details. Yum!

Mushroom Omelette with Microgreens


This recipe is by Dan, from the website, "Platter Talk." Click here for details. Use leeks with this one!

The La Jolla Crab Stack with Microgreens


This recipe is by Kelly Sinyei, from the website, "Just a Taste." Click here for the details, and enjoy!

5-Minute Pea Pesto


This recipe is by Jessie, from the website, "life as a strawberry." Click here for details.

Vegan Clean Bean Bowl


This recipe is by Ashley, from the website, "Blissful Basil." Click here for details.

Strawberry Microgreen Salad


By Diana Keuilian, from the website, "RHR from Diana Keuilian." Click here for details.

Add Nutrients to Your Lunch and Your Morning Eggs!


Give a boost of nutrient-power to your sandwich

Put pea or leek microgeeens in your chicken salad sandwich. Try radish microgreens on beef!


Take your daily dose of sulforaphane

Sprinkle broccoli microgreens on top of your morning eggs, whether they're scrambled, boiled or fried, and start your day with a dose of anti-cancer sulforaphane!

1,000+ Recipes on Secure Websites



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YouTube Clips:

For a 5-minute microgreen recipe demonstrated by Khang Starr: click here.

For an omelette with mushrooms and microgreens demonstration: click here.

For a 5-minute demonstration on using microgreens in recipes: click here.

For a short tutorial on how to make a microgeen salad: click here.

In England, they call them "Micro Herbs"

Why Micro Herbs Are More Than Just a Passing Trend


Find out why from the British website Farmdrop:  click here.