Microgreens Grown on Demand and Sold Alive

Hydroponically Grown Indoor without Soil or Pesticides


21st century farming with a mission,

putting precious people to work

growing food that has up to 40 times more nutrients 

than their adult plant counterparts,

using 158-236 times less water,

in 93-95% less time.

We're no longer seedless in Seattle!

The Story of Viva-the-Greens!

We are an indoor, hydroponic, soil-free, "vertical farm"...


Once upon a time, we [Christian and Kathy Overman] saw a You Tube video about Larry Hountz and his wife Zhanna, who created a "vertical farm" in an unused bedroom of their urban Baltimore home. Using coco fiber pads as a soil substitute, and grow lights on food-safe towers in a temperature-and-humidity-controlled environment, they created a you-can-do-this-too approach to indoor farming that inspired us.

Although we don't farm exactly like Larry does (see the "How We Farm" tab above), we have based our approach upon his, with gratitude. Thanks, Larry!

...providing meaningful work for adults with disabilities...


The photo above was taken on Monday, October 8, 2018, as two young men with special needs, our son Rodney, and his friend David, entered the Viva-the-Greens! farm in the lower level of our home for the first time to farm microgreens.

One of our motivations for starting this farm was to provide interesting, meaningful work for adults with disabilities. (At least two of them!) 

Income that is generated through the sale of Viva-the-Greens! produce helps us keep this meaningful work going. selling good health to happy customers!


We sell our microgreens in their living, uncut state, on the same cornstarch growing-pad the seeds were spread just 1-2 weeks earlier, so they're super fresh. 

We sell living plants, 

not dead ones!

Customers harvest their own greens with scissors, cutting the plants 1/2" above the base of the stems. Produce doesn't get any fresher! 

Customer Feedback


Shipped from Washington State to Massachusetts

"The microgreens are crisp, fresh, green, and very delicious and crunchy.  The directions and logo on each clamshell lid are perfect.  They explain everything I need to know about your product without being overly wordy.  GREAT JOB!! These are over-the-top GOOD!"  J. K. (Springfield, MA)

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